Guess who’s back…..(back again!)

As I ponder getting back into the cyberworld of bloggin’, I wonder from which perspective I should write….what would mean the most, offend the fewest and be the least intimidating to write….the answer didn’t take long to discover….it was, of course, my girls.

I write for my girls…for what I want them to know…what I long for them to believe, to cherish to grow in….

I absolutely want them to grow into their own, create for themselves the life they have always dreamed. But I want them to always know where they came from, who raised them and what has been foundational for me.

I write very free handed, and to those who are English enthusiasts, who long to dot every proverbial “i” and love to correct every grammatical error, I encourage you now, stop reading my posts, or take Elsa’s advice and “Let it go”. I love grammar, I love it so much I often ask it for tea….but when I am free stylin’ and writing, sometimes it doesn’t get invited along for the ride….

For those of you who wish to see how I tick and tock….stay tuned….this mama is back from maternity leave. 🙂

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