An open letter to Media,

Dear media,

My daughter is about to turn 5 – can you believe it? Neither can I, she’s growing up and heading into Kindergarten this year. As she turns one year older, she is one step closer to learning more about the giant that you are. Media, you have so much that you show the world, so much good, yet so much bad. You show us wonders of the world that words alone could not describe, you empower, you motivate, you inspire, but, at the same time you create insecurity, jealousness, contempt, unhappiness, hurt, fear, and pain through simple exposure. You are constantly morphing and growing new vines to entangle us and draw us closer to you, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, there always seems to be a new medium for you to maneuver your influence.

My plea to you today is that you show my daughter the good. I know that as she grows, she will be exposed, in various ways, by various means, to more sides of you, regardless of my efforts to prevent it. You will show her things that make her question and wonder about her value in this world.  You might make her think that by following your lead she can somehow change into the person you show her she ‘should’ be and gain popularity, status, admiration, fame, and acceptance. You can be the gun that pulls the trigger when depression, anxiety, eating disorders creep into her subconscious.

Instead, I beg you, please show her your amazing sides! Show her how what a great fortune we have to live in a free country with wide open spaces.  Show her that we live in a time where we are encouraged to be exactly who we are, just as we are, without changing anything! Tell her that she can reach her goals, no matter how high. Show her how big the world is and how much of it there is to be explored, and at the same time, show her that we are all connected in a way that makes the world all within her reach. Show her that she is loved beyond belief and tell her that she is perfect just the way she is.  Let her dream amazing dreams.

Hold your power delicately Media. Hold it ever so gently, knowing that you have so many young hearts and minds in your hands that are easily influenced, swayed and susceptible to your power. Love on my children and every other child in the world like never before. Pour out positivity and resist the urge to motivate by causing uncertainty. Help to raise a generation of strong, empowered, capable, hard working, socially and globally conscious citizens who are generous to others with their time and resources, who are slow to speak and slow to anger but quick to listen and respond with a calm sense of reason.

Am I giving you too much power Media? I might be…but if I don’t, I stand in the space of naivety, blindly believing you don’t hold any influence in the lives of our generation and the generations that have come before and will go on after we are long gone. Wield this power for good, to help us – citizens of the world – to see one another as fellow human beings, no one better, no one worse, all the same, working towards a common goal of unity. Unity in love, in purpose, in seeing the best in each individual and acknowledging that we need each other to lean on and lean in to.

Yours truly,


One thought on “An open letter to Media,

  1. This is simply amazing. Sometimes I get so caught up in social media that I don’t even realize how much control it has over me. I may just print this out and stick it by my desk. Thanks for sharing this letter. Very eye opening.

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