Hide the bump!

*SIDE BAR: This entry may be served with a side of sarcasm*

If there is one thing pregnant women and brand new moms definitely need to hear more about it’s how quickly we can lose the weight we gain in pregnancy.

Flip through any number of tabloid magazines and you will be sure to find an article (or three) that glamourize how quickly new Hollywood moms have shed those pesky pregnancy pounds, like they were evil baggage that needed to be cast away into eternal darkness. Heaven forbid anyone should think that a parent’s most precious gift in the world should cost you 25-30 healthy pounds over 9 months! No, let no one think you gained ANYTHING! Perhaps don’t even leave the maternity ward until you can fit back into your pre-pregnacy jeans. May I suggest a strict diet of green hospital Jell-O to return you back to skinny jean size.

Hollywood, how about writing about how new moms are REALLY doing? How about letting us into the post-pardom that new moms may be feeling? How about letting us know how those first few days of breastfeeding can bring a whole new kinda pain! How about those sleepless nights…..oh wait, there are Hollywood wet nurses for that right – you don’t know about those sleepless nights.

No surprise we are hearing about more cases of pregorexia, emerge as we continue to be bombarded with social media that wants to erase any sign that we may have carried a child for 9 precious months of our lives.

Find out more information about pregorexia and gain insight through one women’s story here http://www.sheknows.com/health-and-wellness/articles/987779/pregorexia-eating-disorders-and-pregnancy


If a ship is in the ocean without a rudder, it is left without a sense of direction, floating, going whichever way the wind blows. It is not unlike the person without a sense of purpose. Purpose is your rudder in life, it sets the course for the direction that you will head in.

It is not unusual to be overwhelmed with where to start when someone poses the question, “What on earth are you here for?” Each one of us is called to a different purpose, and discovering what yours is may take some time, effort and soul searching to determine. Once you have discovered what your purpose is, write it out in a Mission Statement, it will chart the course for your life and you will be able to measure what you will say “yes” to and what you will steer away from based on how it fits within your Mission Statement.

The following link provides a good foundation to start finding the sense of purpose in your own life. http://www.wikihow.com/Find-Your-Life%27s-Purpose